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Laboratory of laser spectroscopy of solutions
of supramolecular compounds and nanostructures

News (archive)


Our article "Machine learning algorithms to control concentrations of carbon nanocomplexes
in biological medium via optical absorption spectroscopy: how to choose and what to expect?
" is accepted in Applied Optics! Read the preprint here.


Fund "Basis" announced the winners of the competition "Scholarships - Faculty of Physics (spring)" for those entering the magistracy and postgraduate studies of the Faculty of Physics of Moscow State University. Among them are Galya Chugreeva and Katya Filippova! Congratulations to the winners !!!


03/05/2021 Our work "Development of the fluorescent carbon nanosensor for pH and temperature of liquid media with artificial neural networks" is published in the Spectrochimica Acta Part A: Molecular and Biomolecular Spectroscopy! Our TOC picture is on the journal front!


11/01/2021 Laptinskiy Kirill was awarded a MSU scholarship to young employees, graduate students and students who have achieved significant results in teaching and research activities for 2021!


01/01/2021 Happy New Year to you! We wish you new scientific success!


Head of Group                                         

Tatiana Dolenko
Leading Researcher, Ph.D.

Research Fellows

Sergey Burikov
Senior Researcher, Ph.D.

Kirill Laptinskiy
Junior Researcher, Ph.D.

Alexey Vervald 
Junior Researcher

PhD Students

Ivan Plastinin
Olga Sarmanova 


Andrey Lachko
Ekaterina Filippova
Galina Chugreeva
Anna Fedyanina
Maria Khmeleva


Dmitriy Karpov
Ernest Mazurin
Ekaterina Vervald
Olga Kotova

Main Scientific Directions
of our Laboratory

For students

Topics of yearly projects for students of the second course

Study of molecular interactions in suspensions of nanoparticles (nanodiamonds, carbon dots) using laser spectroscopy methods

Supervisor: Dr. T.A. Dolenko

Elaboration of multifunctional biosensor on the basis of carbon nanoparticles

Supervisors: Dr. T.A. Dolenko,
Dr. S.A. Burikov

Raman and IR spectroscopy of aqueous solutions of amphiphilic compounds

Supervisor: Dr. T.A. Dolenko

Raman and IR spectroscopy of supercooled water

Supervisor: Dr. S.A. Burikov

Solution of inverse problem of Raman spectroscopy of aqueous solutions using artificial neural networks and genetic algorithms

Supervisor: Dr. T.A. Dolenko

Mechanisms of forming of water Raman spectra. Fermi and Darling-Dennison resonances

Supervisors: Dr. T.A. Dolenko,
Dr. S.A. Burikov 


Housing of nonlinear optics (HNO), 4-12a
Post adress: Moscow 119991, Leninskie Gory 1/62,
MSU, Department of Physics,
chair of Quantum Electronics

Contuct us
Email: tdolenko(at)